Date: 8/1/2008

Location: Pu'uopelu Estate

Size: 9" x 12"

Medium: Oil on canvas panel

Artists Comments: This was a monumental experience for me as this was the very first painting I actually hated and was totally not impressed with any aspect of the painting. Perhaps it was the fact that the wind picked up and literally blew my easel over twice (note the pieces of grass on the painting) or, perhaps it was due to the fact that the day was gloomy, overcast and definitely not inspiring as painting cheerful palm trees swaying in the ocean breezed; never-the-less I attempted to paint the most interesting thing I could which was a patch of hills in the distance beyond the rooftops. As an after-thought I decided to try to include the stone statue but it ended up taking on the focus of my painting and I am not experience at painting people (thus the colonial appearance of a very European statue!). The positive take-away I did learn from this nightmarish experience was the importance of sketching out my painting first on a sketchbook to ensure the focus and overall scope of my painting is maintained thru the process of creating my painting. Shortly after this painting, I purchase a small sketchbook to add to my painting repertoire.
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