Island Retreat

Date: 2/28/2009

Location: Kona Village

Size: 18" x 24"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artists Comments: The lushness of Kona Village is remarkable! Surrounded by barren lava fields, underwater springs create a lush oasis where thatched hales are placed reminiscent of old Hawaii. The endless variety of green and yellow hues reflected in the brackish ponds captivated my interest. I had some difficulty in applying an appropriate color scheme to the hale to allow it to contain more colors than just the obvious natural tones. I referenced works of Elza Muir who is known for creating outstanding explosions of color in his Kona Village series. The study opened my awareness and helped me get over the fear of placing colors that my mind would tell me are not present but which the creative eye subliminally sees. This painting took a very long while for me to complete - perhaps my longest painting yet but, I was truly satisfied with the final outcome and despite the challenge, am looking forward to enjoying future studies of this amazing place.
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