The Sunday Chill Zone

Date: 5/20/2009

Location: Mahai'ula Bay

Size: 30" x 24"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: After hiking into Mahai'ula Bay, I wanted to capture the lonesome beach heliotrope my sister and I have so often enjoyed our Sunday mornings relaxing in its shade. Rather than making our favorite tree the focal point of the painting I included just the edge of this shady oasis with the crescent beach extending to the distance, ending in front of a palm tree grove. I laid the darkest shadows first and was impressed that I was able to maintain them at the end of the painting. The clouds were wispy, whimsical and reaching toward the heavens providing what I felt to be a very linear element to the curvature of the beach. After an observation by a friend; I focused on trying to add more paint to my paintings to improve texture and substance. It is allot harder than I thought! But, I am hoping to gradually increase the amount of paint used in future works.
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