Hale New Hebrides

Date: 6/29/2009

Location: Kona Village Resort

Size: 9" x 12"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Price: SOLD

Artist's Comments: Perched on the edge of Mahewalu Point at Kona Village, this striking hale enjoys some of the most wonderful views on the island. The sea laps gently against lava rocks just steps away while an ancient carved tiki guards against ill spirits. Cool tradewinds come off the water cooling the inland oasis. My challenge with this piece was to differentiate the tone of the hale walls with the thatched roofing. To my eye, I saw them both as being a light tan but, this did not register well on the canvas. I went thru a couple different tones and variations before I was satisfied with this combination. The vibrancy of the ocean and detail on the waves against the rocks was very realistic and offers a good sense of motion.

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