The Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Date: 1/15/2010

Location: Hualalali Resort

Size: 18" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: There are only a few things that can beat spending a day in paradise; one of them is to wrap up the day relaxing in one of the cherished beach chairs at the Beach House restaurant while watching the sun slip below the horizon. The sky blooms into color as the Resort's many tiki torches begin to twinkle in the evening darkness. I used my artistic license and intensified the sunset colors to create an intensity of purples and pinks which were the preferred sunset colors of the clients who commissioned my to paint this wonderful scene. The freshwater ponds delicately reflect the sky and tiki torches while sandwiching the painting in wonderful bands of color. I particularily like how the purple and pink tones are contrasted with the green grass and blue ocean hues.

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