Hale o'Honokohau

Date: 5/21/2010

Location: Honokohau Harbor

Size: 18" x 24"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Honokohau beach is a historical gem hidden next to the bustling Honokohau harbor. A fairly large salt and pepper sand beach stretches around the bay and tucked alone is a relic of an ancient fishing village. It is truly amazing to see how simple life must have been living along these shores. Although I rarely paint man-made structures, this canoe halau attracted my focus. I make a dedicated effort to finish each new painting before starting a new one as I tend to lose inspiration once I focus on another painting. However, a few weeks had gone by before I regained my desire to wrap this painting up. What really drew me back to this piece was that I had tried a new technique and was curious how it would come out so. A friend and I both appreciated the textured finishes found in the works of Avi Kiriaty and we deduced that this texture was achieved by mixing fine sand into the paint. We were right! I mixed the sand in with my acrylic base coat and found it to provide a very rustic look. The paint didn't glide over the canvas as easily and instead was caught by the rough sand. I seemed to need to use more paint to achieve my desired coverage and blending details. As I reflect back on this new technique I am finding I really enjoy it and will continue this in future work. How neat would it be to have a painting of a beach in Hawaii that incorporates an organic element!

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