High Tide at Uluweuweu Bay

Date: 01/21/2011

Location: Hualalai Resort

Size: 14" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Winter swells in Hawaii are a welcomed treat for ocean sports enthusiasts. One swell lasted for a few days closing all public beaches but I had already planned to paint on the bay with a good friend visiting from the mainland. Despite the large swells we decided to continue with our plans and headed to the shoreline. I have to admit it was a little daunting to see the high water mark damage which had just occurred earlier that morning but, since it was low-tide I was confident we would be okay. Just to be sure, we climbed up on a picnic table just in case a rouge wave arrived. We also kept a wary eye on the water and hung out valuables out of water's reach on tree limbs. Luckily, we didn't get wet and it was a rare chance to enjoy this beach alone. The high surf brought up bits of sea shells and lined them up along the shoreline leaving impressions of where prior waves had washed up ashore. If I wasn't so intent on painting it would have been a wonderful seashell collecting day. Surfers and stand-up paddle boarders were out in full force enjoying the Winter swell. The salt air was invigorating and the slight hint of danger added to the excitement of the day! At the end of the bay, bright orange umbrellas floated above the landscaping indicative that Kukio resort guests were enjoying their time pool-side at the Beach Club due to the beach closure.

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