Ke'ei Cottage

Date: 12/18/2010

Location: Keei Beach

Size: 40" x 60"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: I was approached by an interior designer (Eric Henderson, Henderson Design Group) who commissioned me to create two pieces for a new model unit at the Hali'ipua Villas, Hualalai Resort. He had just been hired to furnish the vacant property and wanted the villa to look personalized. I was very surprised to learn that my pieces would hold prominant positions in the villa. I was so excited to work on this project as it was my first commercial project and the first time I had to customize my pallet to a very specific color scheme. Because I would be working on the pieces prior to Eric installing the furnishings, I had to match my pallet to a series of fabric swatches for each room. For this piece, Eric wanted me to focus on colors reminiscent of bougenvellia; mauves, pinks and white with accents of green. I immediately thought of the area along the Napoopoo shoreline where bougenvellia grow wild; castcading down palm trees; shimmering bright pink in the sunlight. I had recently been at Ke'ei Beach and thought it would provide the perfect setting for this piece. When approaching the painting I kept reminding myself to stay true to the color pallet and as a result you can see how I used mauve tones throughout: from the pale pink in the distant clouds and mountain to the deep shadows of the palm tree and lava rock shoreline. This painting came together very easily although it was so large that it took up pretty much all of our usable space in our apartment!

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