Under the Kiawe Trees

Date: 4/29/2011

Location: Wailea Bay

Size: 18" x 14"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Wailea Beach (a.k.a. Beach 69) is just minutes away from my home and such an easy beach to visit. It has all the important necessities; calm water with just a few small waves for gentle body-surfing, sand bottom bay and the all-important shade canopy. This beach is unique in that I can lounge fee away from the shore while in total shade as the wild Kiawe and Pine tree limbs reach over the shoreline almost touching the ocean’s edge. The shade is deep; cool and protective – keeping me safe and sound while I paint plein air. What attracted me to this composition was the dark overhang and the equally dense shadow it cast on the sand. When I first laid down the shadow, I painted it too dark and overpowering which resulted in attracting all the attention. I wanted the cool shadows to invite you into the painting to discover the small cottage overlooking the warm bay but I needed to resolve my dense shadows in order to achieve this. Anytime I reach a standstill I try to pick up one of my painting books and just start reading and invariably, I will read something that I can relate to solving the problem at hand. As I read thru Kevin Macpherson, the light bulb went on. I learned that shadows although are cool will have warm notes on a sunny day. Immediately, I revamped my shadows adding pinks and yellows to the dark shades to warm them up. Instantly the shadows gave way and opened the painting – inviting me to wander into the sunny day but reminding me that solace can be found under the shade of the Kiawe trees.

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