Hawaii's Allure

Date: 10/31/2011

Location: Mahai'ulas Beach - South End

Size: 48" x 60"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments:  A visitor to Hawaii read my article from Ke Ola magazine and contacted me to create a memory of Hawaii for her to enjoy on the mainland.  She reviewed my site and picked a scene that she wanted me to recreate.  It is one of my favorite beaches so I it was an easy persuasion.  The only challenge was to recreate the original which was done on a small 12" x 12" canvas onto a large 48" x 60" gallery wrap panel.  Once I got started though, the paint rolled off my brush and I enjoyed the opportunity to recreate the scene in the large format as it allowed me to add the wonderful details that are captured with the naked eye but that aren't transferable onto a small canvas.  Delicate palm fronds shuffling in the gentle ocean breeze, soft clouds lazily venturing across the sky and the endless dancing of small waves onto the sandy beach.  I enjoyed capturing the wet sand effect as each wave recedes back into bay. Typically I paint this area of the beach with a more cool tone but today was a bright warm sunny day so I used some pink tones to give the feeling of warmth; beaconing you to jump in and take a dip in the luscious water - perhaps for a little snorkel adventure thru submerged lava fingers home to dancing reef fish or to follow a graceful sea turtle journeying thru the bay. 

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