Beach 67's

Date: 11/10/2011

Location: Waialea Bay

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Oil on canvas panel

Artist's Comments: Our second painting location on our first day of the Kona Paint Out was Waialea Bay.  I felt overwhelmed from the morning's instruction from Darrell Hill and for a moment considered just watching the other artists work.  But my friend Lori and I decided to give ourselves one hour to create our paintings so that the endeavor didn't seem so great.  We decided to use a small canvas and selected a simple scene.  We have painted various scenes at Waialea Bay and were looking for something "new".  We decided on this scene to capture the beautiful colors in waves lapping onto the shoreline in the foreground and the small beach across the bay called Beach 67's.  The painting came together really fast and we were happy to have decided to join the other painters.  The finishing touch for me was to place some beachgoers on the far beach to provide scale.  For all who know this beach, the clothing on my people were a result of my artistic license!  : )

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