Did I Mention this is my Favorite Beach?

Date: 11/6/2011

Location: Mahai'ulas Beach

Size: 18" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: This particular scene wins the award for my most popular beach scene hands down!  I have painted this scene many times on client requests and believe it or not, I have not tired in the least with recreating any of them.  Some were larger, smaller and some were different proportions; however, all of them came out very differently.  That is the beauty of art.  No two paintings are ever exactly the same.  In this painting, I wanted to bring out the warmer pink tones by allowing my sketch lines (created by mixing crimson and white) to show thru the other layers of color.  The shadows under the palm tress are a combination of cool blues and warm purples and pinks.  I think the combination of warm and cool tones allows the shadows to read very well.  I am very happy with how I created the the connection of water to sand and feel that my choice to add purple into the wet sand areas provides a very nice effect. Oh yes....and did I mention that this is one of my favorite beaches?  Maybe that is why I have been able to be so fond of recreating this scene!

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