Holualoa Village

Date: 11/12/2011

Location: Holualoa

Size: 6" x 12"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: On the third day of the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii Kona Paint Out, we headed for the first time "up Mauka" to capture the quaint Holualoa Village.  I set up my easel under the shade of my friend Shelley Maudsley White's gallery for protection from the sun.  I enjoyed the view looking across the street to the little row of gallery's dotting along the roadway.  As my followers will know, I am not particularly fond of painting buildings into my scenes. Primarily because with architecture, lines need to be straight and they need to be proportionate to the original building in order to be recognizable.  The difference with coffee cottages such as those that make up Holualoa Village, is that they are built over time and usually not necessarily to building code. So it is often you find them with unique lines and often they are leaning in one direction or the other as they settle.  So, it was actually fun to paint them!  I particularly liked this scene for the small white fence and garden at the entry of the art gallery.  After we were finished with our morning session, we all brought our wet paint creations to the Lavender Moon Gallery for our "Wet Paint" exhibition.  I was so fortunate to win the "Artists Choice Award" for this little creation.  My very first award for my work and from my peers at that!  There were actually two winners of this award as we were tied for number of artist votes.  The other winner was Bill Wingert and in looking at both of our pieces side by side it is interesting to see the similarities in size and perspective.

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