Kawa Gold

Date: 6/30/2012

Location: Kawa Bay

Size: 48" x 48"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Living on the West side of the island, I am blessed to enjoy wonderful sunsets each evening but there will be times where it seems I haven't seen the sunrise in years. Granted, I'm likely fast asleep anyway and would sleep through it but, on a camping trip to Kawa Bay, we were lucky to be on the South East side of the island which meant the sun was traveling in a different perspective than we were used to. At first, we were completely thrown off with the path of the sun - it was well a little backwards!  The sun set in the mountains and rose from the sea!  The following morning, we woke up early and went for a walk along the shoreline. The sunrise was so fantastic that it easily rivaled its sunset sister.  As the sun rose over Pu'uo Point, it cast a wonderful golden shimmer onto the planet.  The clouds were drenched in this wonderful glow and slowly chased away the night sky. There was a swell hitting Kawa Bay which was one of the primary reasons we picked this spot - we were in the presence of some surf-addicted teenagers!  Although I didn't surf, what I did enjoy were the rough seas whose waves crashed up against the lava shore. The overspray from these crashing waves settled in the lava rocks and created mirror-like tide pools that reflected the stunning light show above. Although is it rare that I am up early enough to enjoy the sunrise, this one in particular was well worth my sacrifice of sleep!

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