Sisters Dancing in the Breeze

"Mellow Yellow"

"Juicy Orange"

"Fabulous Fushia"

"Blue Steele"

Date: 07/04/2011

Size: 4 panels 30" x 30" each

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: While working on a project to bring artwork into a property listed for sale, the owner wanted a more abstract type of painting where the focas was on color.  The panels would be hung on a large wall against a stairway.  We decided on capturing the top of a palm tree on each panel but augment each color to give personality and interst to each canvas. I didn't have a real plan on what colors each of the 4 panels would be but instead let my creativity and inspiration take over from the moment my paintbrush touched canvas. I had allot of fun developing each palm tree with its own personality using color and brushwork.  In addition to adjusting the tones of the leaves, I slightly adjusted the background color to further drive some interest to each painting so that it could have strength as a stand-alone piece.  Together in the collection, they really sing with each other ~ like a group of sisters dancing in the breeze.

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