A Delightful Trap

Date: 06/07/2013

 Location: The 14th Green, Hualalai Golf Course

 Size: 30" x 30"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments:  In this painting, I wanted to compress the light but without centering it in the middle of the canvas. Instead, I decided to create a horizontal plane of shadows that would separate the middle tone foreground away from the the bright skyline. I used the shadows of the residential rooftops and the lava rock to create the wonderful dark separation. Then I toned down the palm trees so that they brought the shadow areas upward. My challenge was to render the green of the golf course in a very different shade of green than the surrounding foliage.  I discovered that Veridian is a fabulous color to use to paint the stunning emerald carpet. This green is a very cool color so I placed hints of warm orange in the shadow areas of the sand traps to allow your eye to sink in the sand traps before traveling up into the warm sunshine shimmering on the     palm fronds.

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