Paradise on Her Toes

Date: 06/06/2013

 Size: Medium: Acrylic on canvas shoes

 Artist's Comments:  This year my friends and customers have truly challenged my comfort zone as an artist.  A few weeks ago a friend approached me to see if I could paint a SitaScapes on her new Tom's shoes and although I had no idea how to approach the project, I was intrigued by the concept.  I purchased some acrylic paints with a solution to make them washable and got started on the design. She loves pineapples and enjoys how I paint palm trees so I came up with a sketch that incorporated both.  I was somewhat apprehensive to paint my very first attempt on her brand new shoes so I dug thru my closet looking for a similar material to practice on. I found an old canvas shopping bag which would do the trick and got started practicing with the new medium and surface.  Unlike oils which can be slid and mixed on a gessoed canvas, the acrylics on unfinished canvas didn't allow for any movement so, I needed to lay each stroke down with the correct color and thoughtful placement. There was really not much room for mistakes! As I practiced, I gained more experience and courage until I was ready to tackle the final surface.  I sketched the scene in hot pink outline as I do on all my paintings but I approached the process a little differently. Instead of working on the whole canvas simultaneously, instead, I focused on one element and painted it from start to finish before moving on to the next object. When I was finished with one shoe, I realized I would need to paint the same scene in reverse for the opposite foot!  That was a bit of a challenge but I knew that it didn't need to be perfect.  Once finished, I heat set the painting and enjoyed the final product! I can't wait to see my friend prancing about at work with Paradise on Her Toes!

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