Oceanside Reflections

Date: 3/19/2010

Location: Kikaua Point, Kukio Resort

Size: 16" x 16" (dyptich)

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: I found myself intently focused on a few commission projects which led me to spend more time in my studio and away from the freedom and fun of painting at whim at the beach. A fellow artist Stefanie Bolton and I decided to pack our bags and get out to the seaside to paint in the fresh morning air. Upon arriving to Kukio Beach Park, we found the winds were quite gusty; palm trees were dancing in the breeze; rain clouds were gathering up Mauka but oddly enough, the small bay was undisturbed. The low tide caused the water level to sit below the wind as it jetted across the lava rocks and up the beach. It is rare to have the sea be as reflective as a fresh water pond and I enjoyed the contrast of the bright blue bay against the gathering of rain clouds on Mt. Hualalai. The cloud's reflection in the still waters posed a slight challenge for me but I managed to capture the light dancing along surface. I brought out my pallet knife to accentuate highlights on the sandy shore. It was great to get out to the beach with wind rustling through our hair! Stefanie took a different approach to the subject and decided to paint me painting my painting. What fun!

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