Lunch at the Beach

Date: 6/11/2010

Location: Pine Trees

Size: 30" x 8"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: One of the great things about Kailua-Kona is its proximity to the shoreline. There is really no excuse for eating your lunch inside a restaurant! The Pine Trees shoreline is expansive and very easy to get to. All that is needed is some take-away lunch (Taco Del Mar is my favorite), a hammock and perhaps a towel to dry off after a dip in the sea. On a wonderful Friday a few weeks ago, my sister, myself and my mom decided to enjoy a lunch-on-the-beach together. I had not planned on painting at this location but, quickly decided to capture the heliotrope trees that endlessly dot the shoreline. These beach trees not only provide shelter from the sun but also have a wonderful way of framing my composition. I particularly enjoy how the ocean view is visible through little "pockets" created between the lush foliage. On a side note, I do wonder why this beach is called "pine trees" as ever since I've lived here, there were no pine trees to be found! I'll have to ask an old-timer what the scoop is behind the beach's namesake.

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