Luahinewai Pond

Date: 6/24/2010

Location: Kiholo

Size: 12" x 16"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Since moving to Waikoloa, Kiholo Bay quickly became our favorite beach. The shoreline is lined with gnarled kiawe trees for shade, a beautiful black sand / pebble beach, gentle waves, consistant winds to keep flies at bay and a wonderful cold water plunge to freshen us up after a long hot day at the beach. A small grouping of palm trees surround a lonesome house on the southern point of the bay and, I had heard rumors of a wonderful fresh water spring. I had also heard stories of visitors being rudly chased away by the homeowner and his guests claiming the pond is on private property. Over all these years, I never ventured to discover this pond until one lazy day I was in the mood for some adventure! With paint gear in hand, I hiked across the lava field along carefully placed smooth boulders which created a shoreline path. Upon arriving to a private black sand cove I took a small sandy path up toward the home and into the palm grove. The palm trees surround a large pond which is truly breathtaking! Deep in the center of this fresh water oasis is a patch of sand that glows blue thru the green body of water. This glow is captivating and I quickly decided this would be focus of my painting. I expertly set up my easel being careful to avoid fruit-laddened coconut trees - a few of these rouge nuts had already dropped and littered the sand nearby. Although I knew I was technically trespassing; I could not restrain myself from capturing this wondeful scene on canvas. After about two hours of painting a houseguest did arrive and politely advised me I was on private property and asked me to leave. At least I had made great progress and I provided her with my name and phone number in hopes the owner could contact me so I could gain permission to return once again to this secret pond called Luahinewai.

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