Java Beans in Paradise

Date: 07/23/2010

Location: Hula Daddy Coffee Farm

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Palette knife on canvas panel

Artist's Comments: I was preparing for my exhibition at the Kona Coffee Council's "Cream of the Crop" event and the only requirement was that at least one of the artist's pieces depict a coffee theme. I of course did not have a piece in my inventory and more predictable, I waited until the night before the event to create my piece! I used this as an opportunity to practice my newfound palette knife skills which I learned at my George Allan workshop the week prior. I worked quickly and quite messy but had allot of fun trying to mix the many colors found in the ripening coffee cherries. At first glance you might think there are just two colors of berries: green and red but, I wan quite amazed that after studying them, no two berries are the same color! Each berry has its unique and different shade of yellows, greens, reds, oranges and at times blue to create a truly amazing rainbow of colors. My favorite color coffee bean of course is roasted and ready to drink - and I needed lots of coffee the next day as I prepared for the event (good thing there was no shortage of coffee)!

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