Just the two of us

Date: 8/06/2010

Location: Kua Bay

Size: 60" x 40"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: I had promised my sister for some time now that I would paint her an original SitaScapes. While working on one of her customers, she mentioned to him that I was an artist and that her painting was overdue but that it would get done “one of these days”. He put the idea in her head that since she was the sister of an artist and patiently waiting so long; she should receive one of my largest works. So, on my sister's recent visit back to the Big Island, I started working on her custom painting while we were both enjoying Kua Bay. The canvas was quite large and since there is not shade at Kua, I needed to bring my canopy tent. We spent the day together in cool comfort dipping in the ocean when I hit painter's block and sipping on our go-go cocktails to keep us grooving. My mom joined us bringing snacks for sustenance and took care of PR with beach goers who strolled by. We spent the whole day at the beach and I got really used to my new “outdoor office”. Someday I would love to have an open-air office with such a wonderful ocean view as this! Now that the painting is finished, my next challenge is getting it to her in Seattle! Maybe I'll have to hand deliver it in person!

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