Kohala Greens

Date: 07/14/2010

Location: Keawanui Bay, Mauna Lani

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: My mom and dad took a day trip to Mauna Lani Point for a day of painting and photography. The hike from the public access parking lot is quite a trek so, we decided to make the most use of our time. I started two paintings and my dad took a whole bunch of photos. Sitting under the shade of Eva's cottage, the Kohala mountains were so stunning without the cloak of vog they are usually covered in. Wonderful greens, yellows and red shades decorated the entire mountain and were very striking. A few palm trees in the point across the bay provided a nice composition while the water's edge in the foreground glistened bright blues in the sun. The waves were calm allowing the shades of coral beneath the surface shine through the azure waves. A slight breeze brushed the palm fronds to the East.

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