Eva's Dream Cottage

Date: 7/14/2010

Location: Keawanui Bay, Mauna Lani

Size: 8" x 16"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Perched on the edge of the ocean is the historical cottage which once belonged to Eva Parker Woods. Constructed in the 1920s, a former caretaker's house surrounded by a lanai, has been refurbished and is now a one-room museum that holds reminders of the past. Samples of tapa (bark cloth), a ti leaf cape and sandals, fishing gear, including bone hooks, spears and ie'ie vine fish traps, and an akua, an ancient stone fish god, are a few of the treasures that are displayed. The cottage is surrounded almost completely by water; ancient brackish-water fishponds and the Pacific ocean and it enjoys wonderful views of the Kohala shoreline. Every month on the Saturday around the full-moon, visitors are invited to join historians for the monthly "Full Moon Picnics" where a "talk story" event is held for those interested in learning about the rich Hawaiian culture.

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