Maui Mountains

Date: 07/17/2010

Location: Honumanu Bay, Maui

Size: 12" x 12"

Medium: Palette knife on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: After returning home to my niece's house on the first day of my workshop with George Allan, I was so distraught! The new color palette George had asked us to use combined with the fact I had to use a palette knife exclusively made for a challenging day. I felt I learned allot on my first day at the workshop but, was unable to put any of into practice. The two paintings I completed during the workshop were ghastly! So, I decided to paint something I would enjoy so that I could practice wielding the palette knife before returning to the second day of my workshop. I also wanted to leave my niece and her family with a gift to enjoy so, I asked them what their favorite beach was on Maui. It was an easy answer and, my niece had an aerial photograph of the beach. After enjoying a dinner in Paia town, I finished their little Maui Mountain piece and set it to dry. The next day, I felt energized with renewed enthusiasm as I headed to day 2 of the class.

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