Pink Giraffes in Paradise

Date: 7/07/2010

Location: Waikoloa Residence

Medium: Mural

Artist's Comments: During a friend's baby shower the idea of painting a mural for the new baby girl's room was presented and although a mural was completely beyond my current expertise, I accepted the challenge. I was further enticed when I learned the concept for the mural would be centered around an African motif complete with giraffes and monkeys inspired by the baby shower invitation. The icing on the cake was that the giraffes would be baby-girl pink! My top three favorites things all in one place (giraffes, painting and the color pink)! The project was daunting but I kept it in perspective by first getting the scale of the elements correct by sketching the concept on a photo of the baby room. Then, I went to Lowe's and worked with the paint department to select the right color combinations to match the baby's bedding. With the baby due in less than 3-weeks, I immediately got started and as I worked, the project became less scary and I really started to have fun because for the first time in my career nothing I did was right or wrong. I was after-all painting pink giraffes!!! After the large elements were finalized, I got into the fun details adding a monarch-winged fairy, maile vines wrapping around the tree and getting little critters crawling through the trees. Final touches were pink glitter on the giraffes and the room was ready for new baby Kayla to arrive! I am not looking forward to the day when Kayla goes to Africa and wonders why the giraffes are not pink!

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