Kalo Cottage

Date: 8/25/2010

Location: Waipio Valley

Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Oil with Pallet Knife on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: There are only a few families that are fortunate enough to call Waipio Valley home. Many carry on the tradition of taro farming and the valley floor is decorated with strings of small taro patches all fed by the ever flowing rivers of Waipio. During a valley hike, Patrick and I met a young couple who were clearing the jungle to access the river and divert a portion of it to a new taro patch they had just created. They were young with a baby in the belly and I thought how rare it must be for today's young generation to carry on such an ancient tradition and in such a remote place. Anyone who has spent any amount of time at the valley's floor immediately know, this couple is smart and extremely lucky with the opportunity to live their life in a such a wonderful place. I kept this feeling close when creating this painting. I decided to practice the pallet knife techniques I learned from George Allan on Maui. I was impressed at the tone and texture of the piece and how the mountains were soft and appear to be in the distance behind the taro field. I was equally surprised at how much paint I used with this technique!

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