Waipio Sea Cliffs

Date: 8/29/2010

Location: Waipio Valley

Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Oil with pallet knife on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: As most people will agree, Waipio Valley is one of the most serene places on the Big Island. It's lush rivers feed the valleys abundant foliage. There are few places on the island where native plants and fruits grow wild along the road. After a day of exploring the valley, we always enjoy lounging on the black sand beach under the shade of the ironwood trees and enjoying the wonderful sea cliff scenery. An especially captivating sight occurs during the rainy season when the valley's Eastern cliff comes alive with a rushing waterfall which reaches to the sea. It's close enough to walk to and enjoy its pulsing massage but often we just enjoy watching the water dance down the mountainside. When researching Waipio Valley's waterfalls, I came across an old Hawaiian chant which tributes Waipio's sea cliffs which I would like to share with you:

Waipio Valley, the beautiful Cliffs surround it The sea on one side The cliffs are hard to climb Not to be climbed Are the sea cliffs

I continued to practice my newfound pallet knife technique and discovered it was easier for me to attain different tones of color when using this technique. My color pallet naturally became softer and I am able to give the feeling of perspective much easier. I also enjoy how I can continue working on a wet painting because the knife allows me to lay new paint on top of the thickest layer. That's a good thing as I'm from the land of procrastination and this painting is going to be displayed in my Boarder's Bookstore show in 2 days!

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