Topsy-Turvy Study #2

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Date: 3/25/2011

Location: Uluwehuwehu Bay, Hualalai Resort

Size: 7" x 5"

Medium: Oil on canvas paper

Artist's Comments: I was so inspired by my first attempt at painting a scene upside-down that I eagerly dove into my second painting. There was a sense of ease that painting upside-down offers. I no longer had to think about "painting a beach" or "painting a shadow" I was simply copying the colors and shapes printed on my reference photo. I enjoyed focusing on the color differences between the objects and how they related to each other. I have often used the technique of turning my painting upside down or looking at it in a mirror whenever a section of my painting "looked funny" but I couldn't figure out what was needed to fix it. Painting completely upside down from start to finish was a whole new experience. The satisfaction of turning the painting right-side-up and seeing that I had actually created a wonderful scene without even knowing it was liberating. I had a slight sense that I found a way to cheat myself out of having to think about painting! It was a very good lesson indeed and I'll be sure to use it the next time I'm in a rut. There are of course some challenges with attempting this technique plein air however.... maybe I need to bring one of those inversion machines to the beach!

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