Value Study with Lori Hight

Date: 3/12/2011

Location: In-Studio with Lori Hight

Medium: Oil on canvas paper

Artist's Comments: Every artist reaches a point in their journey where self awareness and practice aren't enough and it feels like progress is not being made. I recognized this as a time to invest in learning and luckily for me, my long-time friend Lori Hight decided to put together a small group of students to teach. Our bi-weekly lessons would be hosted in-doors allowing us to focus each class on a particular skill set. Today, we worked on values and practiced recognizing the different values in a painting and using a single color mixed with white to complete the painting. The works were very small and we were told not to labor too much on details. It was a good opportunity for me to really think about how to approach a painting for example, how do I make areas of the painting stand out without using colors? Lori gave us a piece of red film that takes out the color and helps you focus on the different variations in values. It was difficult and if I was left to do this study alone, I think I would have quickly become bored so I appreciate the classroom environment as it provided a dynamic element that helped the lesson keep my attention. I went home that night and tried my hand at a second value study. I like how quickly a painting can be finished when using a single color. It gives me a sense of freedom not having to worry about using the right color!

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