Frederico's In the Sand

Date: 6/02/2011

Location: Mauna Kea Beach

Size: 9" x 12"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments:
I was commissioned to create three large pieces for a Mauna Kea resident and realized that in all the time I have been painting along the Big Island coastline, I had not painted at Mauna Kea beach. I imagined that big white beach filled with more people than palm trees with little shade to offer and was never inspired to paint that location. With new eyes I journeyed to Mauna Kea and upon arriving at the beach was surprised to find that the beach was more attractive and peaceful than I had imagined. Although there were many tourists, the beach was so vast that there is more than enough room for everyone to enjoy the sun without having to sit on top of each other. I managed to find a patch of shade in the far South corner of the beach and when looking back at the shoreline, a wonderful composition presented itself. The azure waters reaching up onto bleached beaches, with dark cool shadows in the foliage providing a striking contrast. The palm trees at Mauna Kea are old and very tall; swaying in the breeze as they reach for the sky. Small umbrellas and beach cabanas lie in the sand providing a short reprieve from the warm sun. In the North corner sits one of the Island's best restaurants. Sitting just steps from the sea, there can't be a better bar in Hawaii. After painting I moseyed over and sipped on Mauna Kea's signature concoction; a Frederico (light rum; Jack Daniels; orange, guava, passion fruit, and unsweetened pineapple juice blended into an irresistible cocktail) It would have been rude to travel all the way to Mauna Kea without drinking their signature drink!

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