Greens on the Sea

Date: 6/09/2011

Location: Mauna Kea Resort

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: While out on another scouting trip for ideas on my commissioned project, I returned to Mauna Kea to try to capture the stunning 3rd hole of their Robert Trent Jones, Jr. course. Golfers tee off a rocky cliff, over a small bay and hope their ball doesn't roll off the voluptuous hillside and into the sea. The color scheme of this composition fit the project to a tee; rust oranges, azure blues with splashes of green. After learning the client's were indeed golfers I knew this would be a perfect option to present. I wanted to capture the perspective of standing on the tee and looking out onto the green but there was one small challenge; I didn't want to get injured or interrupt anyone's game. I contacted and met with the Resort manager Phyllis who pointed me out to a perfect spot. I scampered onto the rocky cliff adjacent to the tee under a wonderfully shady Kiawe tree and got started. The painting came together quite quickly and I enjoyed how the rust shades of the Kohala mountains can be interpreted as the skyline at sunset. I enjoy how it is up to the viewer to interpret what those colors represent.

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