Manini Break

Date: 8/29/2011

Location: Manini Beach

Size: 24" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: Unlike the Waikoloa shoreline, the Southern side of the island doesn't offer too many sandy beaches. But, there is one small beach in Honaunau that is so unique. Manini Beach is tucked on the Southern side of Napoopoo Bay and could possibly be the island's smallest beach. With only about 10 feet of sandy shore, the beach is frequented by children who think this beach is perfectly sized just for them! It also makes a convenient launching point for snorkelers and kayaks heading out to discover this wonderful under-water treasure. I was commissioned by a family that lives on the slopes of Napoopoo and they wanted me to capture their favorite beach. Typically this beach is very mellow but once in a while the waves pick up offering the neighborhood a special treat! Living just a few minutes away, this collector wanted me to paint in a break with a surfer riding down a wave. The challenge for me was that this break is quite rare and in the various times I visited this beach I was never able to witness any waves. So, I turned to my dear friend Google and found some wonderful reference photos of the Manini break to help render this important element. This painting will live in a "surfer" room whose walls are graced by a wonderful ocean themed collection including art by C.W. Bartlett and the movie poster from Endless Summer. The bright colors of this collection meant I needed to pump up the intensity of my painting so that it complimented the space. I decided to pick up bright pink accents in the trees and shallow water area. The Napoopooo pali in the distance holds the iconic Captain Cook's monument and provides a wonderful sense of place to all those that are familiar with this secret treasure.

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