Sunny or Sunless - That is the Question!


Location: Waipio Valley

Size: 5" x 7"

Medium: Oil sketch on canvas paper

Artist's Comments: My long-time friend asked me to create a painting for their newly purchased home and I was thrilled to create a SitaScapes for her! She sent me a photo of the silhouette of her husband set against the Waipio pali. The photo was taken on a overcast day and I wanted to make sure she wanted to me to use a cooler color pallet to stay true to the memory of that day or, if she wanted me to use a brighter color pallet to simulate a sunny day. So I created two sketches and sent them to her to decide. To simplify the scene I didn't worry about capturing her husbands silhouette and instead omitted that element. This was the first time I painted the same scene with two different color palettes. I enjoyed the challenge of mixing new combinations of color to capture the cloudy day. Which is your favorite "Sunny" or "Sunless"? Send me an email in my Contact Sita page.

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