The Perfect Hideaway

Date: 6/23/2012

Location: Kona Village Resort

Size: 14" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: As I scrolled thru my image library reminiscing of the many wonderful painting adventures spent capturing this serene Resort on canvas, I came across this wonderful scene.  Although all the Resort's hales offered a wonderfully relaxing experience, this particular hale always captured by eye.  Snuggled amongst lush foliage, perched at the end of the reflective ponds, this hale is set so close to the water's edge that in fact it appears to almost float.  There are no visible pathways leading to or from the hale which provides the perception of complete seclusion.  I imagine there are in fact no footpaths to this hale and instead, I opt for taking the water pathway in a small canoe and entering this little shoreline cottage for an unforgettable retreat.  The sunshine is warm but is shielded by the tall thatched rooftop which creates a shimmering reflecting in the ponds. As your eye wanders away from the hale, the colors get darker; capturing less of the sunshine.  The water is vibrant; cool and inviting you in for a swim!

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