Little Stone Bridge

Date: 6/23/2012

Location: Kona Village Resort

Size: 18" x 14"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: With the Kona Village Resort now closed for over a year, I was going thru some serious Kona Village withdrawals. I really was missing spending time under the shade of the lush foliage and capturing the wonderful reflective ponds. I unfortunately had run out of photos in my library to paint and with the Resort closed to the public, I was unable to get new imagery. So, I decided that although I had painting some of the photos already over the years, I wanted to try my hand at them again and practice the new techniques I had learned from plein air artist, John Cosby. When I reviewed my digital library I found a scene that I had not painted before because I didn't feel it was a fun composition. Armed with my newfound skills, I decided this would be a fabulous scene to capture. I knew that my challenge would be to focus the light in the area surrounding the thatched hales. So, I started pre-mixing value piles just as I had learned from my workshop and got started. As I progressed, I realized that I had been so focused on painting everything surrounding the hales in dark shades that I lost some of the vibrancy in the shadow trees. So I came back with more color on my brush and returned the shadows to their vibrancy. I purposefully painting the ponds with a bright viridian blue to bring that sense of coolness to the painting and to pop that color! You eye reaches that small old stone bridge as it captures the warmth of the sunlight and takes you across the pond to the small shaded footpath leading to more thatched hales.

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