Sister Hales

Date: 6/23/2012

Location: Kona Village Resort

Size: 14" x 18"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: All of the Kona Village hales are special yet these two may be the most picturesque. This pair of hales reminds me of two sisters sitting on the edge of the pond enjoying the view.  The composition is perfect; provided by nature herself. Two small islands anchor the foreground allowing your eye to skip across the bright water and land back at the two sister hales. They are surrounded of course by the lush foliage which thrives at the edge of the fresh water despite the fact that the entire Resort is set on a barren lava flow. I imagine a large family enjoying a summer vacation in these two hales. Perhaps you were one of the lucky families to spend time in the cool embrace of these two "sisters"?

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