Jewels of the Jungle

Date: 8/02/2012

Location: Captain Cook

Size: 4 panels, 24" x 48" each

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: I worked with interior designer, Eric Henderson, to create a painting that would compliment a very colorful property whose primary colors were fuchsia, tangerine and lime green.  The space was a very large wall and needed a substantial piece to complete the space.  We selected 4 panels and Eric asked me to create a flower portrait.  At first I was stumped on what fuchsia flower I would paint then, on a trip to my brother's house in Captain Cook, I found the perfect subject. In the jungle behind his home was a small grouping of wild heliconia. They were primarily a reddish tone but as I got closer hints of pink emerged.  I immediately knew I found the subject for this piece and took some reference photos with the help of my niece and nephew.  When I started to paint the blooms, I enjoyed mixing the perfect reddish/fuchsia tones for the flowers and purposefully didn't want all the flowers to be he exact same shade.  Heliconia have a waxy finish to them and I knew I needed to render this effect correctly.  I tried a glaze of white but that made the flowers appear too bland. Then I had an idea and decided to create the wax finish with a wash of fuchsia and that did the trick! When finished, I admired how the bright fuchsia flowers resembled bright pink rubies glowing brightly in the Hawaiian jungle.
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