A Donkey Named Abygale

Date: 08/06/2012

Location: Holualoa

Size: 8" x 10"

Medium: Oil on canvas panel

Artist's Comments: In preparation for my Cream of the Crop art show, I needed to bring at least one painting that paid homage to Kona Coffee and because I didn't have any paintings in my collection, I needed to get one started.  Recently, my sister-in-law adopted a wild Kona Nightingale donkey and she quickly became a part of the family.  My nephew named her Abygale Sweetcheeks and a little stable was built for her to call home. The timing of Abygale's arrival was perfect as I wanted to paint and Nightingale donkey but didn't know how I was going to get a wild one to model for me. After taking some reference photos of her I returned to my studio and immediately went to work.  I decided on a simple background of coffee trees and improvised a burlap sack across her shoulders.  In conjunction with this painting, I also did a quick sketch of the old Uichida coffee farm and thought the pair went well together.

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