Amber Rooftops and Sapphire Seas

Date: 10/31/2012

 Location: Kona Village Resort

 Size: 24" x 36"

 Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments: While working on a project to create a water-scene of the Kona Village Resort, I painted a scene along the shore of the fresh-water ponds.  When I finished, I remembered that there were some wonderful Hales dotted along the ocean's edge.  So, I decided to create a secondary option for the client to see which they preferred.  Finding a hale that offered me the perfect angle allowing me to capture sandy shoreline, ocean and a great angle of the structure would be difficult but, I located the perfect subject - Hale NH4.  Perched at the edge of a private black sand beach, this particular hale offered a stunning composition to paint. As I worked on the painting I realized quickly I would need to capture the value change of the top of the lava rocks compared to the top of the sandy shoreline. I pulled on the skills I had learned earlier this year from John Cosby and I was so impressed with my ability to render what I had learned. I feel I really conveyed the sense that the lava rocks are on a different plane than the sand dunes and that the building and trees rise above the scene.  Keeping this value and tonal change consistent through my painting process was difficult.  I had an especially difficult time keeping the lava rocks from blending in with the sand but, in the end I was able to figure it out.  My favorite part about the painting is how the amber thatched rooftops pops against the sapphire sea.

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