A Jewel in the Tropics

Date: 9/15/2012

 Location: Kona Village Resort

 Size: 24" x 36"

 Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments: I was honored to be asked to paint a scene of Kona Village that would hang in the same room as a large triptych by Darrell Hill.  He is such a hero, mentor and inspiration to my work!  My very 2nd oil painting workshop was with him on A-Bay and since then, he has provided such guidance and inspiration to my work.  The client selected Kona Villa as the subject and they were totally open to what I wanted to create   with the exception that they wanted water to be a primary element in the painting and, the color scheme needed to compliment the Darrell Hill painting.  I wanted allot of color in this piece as Darrell's use of color is amazing! However, I didn't want the colors to match; yet rather compliment. Darrell uses allot of yellow or orange as accents so I decided to go with my signature highlight - pink.  I wanted a nice feeling of light on the hale with the rest of the landscaping on the edges to be slightly darker so the eye is drawn into the painting.  The teachings learn from my John Cosby workshop kept ringing in my ears ... "push the light" he use to repeat over and over.  I wanted the reflections in the pond to be abstract, fluid and serene.  I typically use a rich blue for the sky but, I felt if I used this strong of a color in the sky, the eye would be distracted up off the canvas. So I selected a dull color just to provide the sense of light rather than color.

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