Jade Ponds

Date: 12/18/2012

 Location: Kona Village Resort

 Size: 40" x 30"

 Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments: The third commission in my artwork staging project ended up being a true gem. The room was decorated in soft green tones so I knew this painting needed to have the perfect milky jade tone in order to appear that it was hand picked for the space. The bedroom is surrounded by lush green landscaping so I immediately thought that a Kona Villa scene would suit the room very well and would compliment the other paintings I had created in the master bedroom.  I wanted the reflections of the ponds to pick up the light green shade of the decor with the other elements of the landscaping would be  purposefully painted in subdued tones. I wanted the attention to be drawn to the water element so it needed to hold the most color.  Other important elements were of course the two bungalows in the distance but also as important for me was the small stone bridge that created a wonderful sunlight pathway along the edge of the ponds as if leading you home to your thatched hale. I rendered the palm trees in the similar style to the palms in the master bedroom painting so that they would 'ring' together as a collection of paintings instead of a few random pieces scattered in the home.

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