The Palm Grove

Date: 12/01/2012

 Location: Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

 Size: 60" x 40"

 Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments: Hualalai Resort invested some $40M in renovation work a few years back to enhance the already almost-perfect amenities making them now unbelievably luxurious. One of the most-well-received upgrades were located at the Palm Grove crescent.  Here the small cluster of rooms circle around a brand new adults-only swimming pool complete with swim up bar and a selection of 'adult' shave ice treats.  As you step past the pool, you find what might be the best renovation yet - a few open air covered pavilions set by themselves in privacy at the edge of the hotel grounds. From these beautiful cabanas you have the most wonderful views of the ocean and mountain views of Hualalai peaking out between the lush palm trees. A perfect subject for my next project!

I was commissioned to create a series of paintings for a rental property that needed artwork to enhance the staging of the home for real estate showings.  This painting was customized to the decor of the Master Bedroom whose decor was adorned with magenta and orange highlights.  I wanted to play on the pink and orange tones to tie the room together.  Thus these magenta palms created a lively addition to the room and brought in a much needed sense of movement to the room. The walls had a custom venitian plaster finish in a wonderful light blue tone - barely recognizable at blue.  I mimicked the tone of the walls in the background of the painting to continue that light airy feel through the heavier palm tree fronds.

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