Dancing with the Tradewinds

Date: 08/11/2012

Size: 16" x 20"

Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Artist's Comments: During my Cream of the Crop exhibition I decided to work on a small study to help the public understand my process in developing a painting. I especially wanted to use the pallet knife to render the sky so that I could display how this technique is applied.  Completing this short demo allowed me to connect with attendees in a unique way and, it was especially rewarding to see children come up and watch me paint. I purposefully selected a simple scene that I could almost paint from memory and intuition which allowed me to talk and connect with others during the process.  While painting the sky, a gentleman stood nearby and came up to me surprised how I was using ultramarine blue for my sky color.  He had such trouble when trying to use ultramarine because the sky always appeared too dark a value. I showed him my tricks in painting skyline namely mixing allot of white in with the ultramarine and blending cerulean blue and pink into the mixture to show gradation of color between the bottom and top of the canvas. This allowed there to be faint change in color that provided interest in the large space. What I ended up with a simple palm tree portrait dancing in the trade-winds and the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people.

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