The Little Fish Catcher

Date: 08/26/2012

 Location: Kiholo

 Size: 12" x 9"

 Medium: Oil on panel

 Artist's Comments: I had been thinking about purchasing a small paint box that would allow me to sketch small paintings while I was enjoying time at the beach or other beautiful places on the island.  Lugging around a full size easel and all the paints for the slim possibility of finding a favorable spot to paint was just not becoming a reasonable option for me. Also, the minimum size canvas that could fit on a full size easel is 9x12 and that would need at least 2 hours of paint time to complete – which always didn't fit into the plans for the day.  So, I decided if I painted smaller and had a easy-travel easel I might be more inclined to practice painting in small 4x6 sketches while I was enjoying time in Hawaii.  After much research I decided on the Thumbox V2 by Guerrilla Painter. It arrived just in time for our Summer camping trip at Kiholo and I was so thrilled to test it out.  My friends daughter loves the shoreline and especially catching (and releasing) small fish in tide pools. She can spend hours dotting from tide pool to tide pool catching the little fish and counting them. I think she caught up to 30 that day!  I decided she would be a great model for me to paint. She was such a great model and didn't move much at all during the sitting. She was so excited to be my model and I told her that when she is in college, she could model for art classes at the college to make extra cash. She liked that idea!  It was a nice change to paint a live model again and I used the techniques I could remember from John Cosby’s workshop.  I feel captured the gestures well and the values were correct except perhaps the sky and Maui in the distance. Those should be a lighter value than I rendered to push them more into the distance.

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