Don't you want to Lava Lava?

Date: 08/28/2012

 Location: Lava Lava Beach Club at Anaeho'omalu Bay

 Size: 6" x 4"

 Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

 Artist's Comments: My new favorite restaurant just opened this summer at Lava Lava Beach Club. It’s located smack down on the shoreline of Anaehoomalu Bay and is by far the best ambiance restaurant on the island. Yes, Four Seasons Resort has nothing on this Oceanside restaurant and lounge.  There are large comfortable sofas scattered on the beach so you get the feeling of lounging in your living room while watching kite surfers, paddle boarders, canoe paddles and stunning wide-screen sunsets.  But unlike your living room, when you want another beer, someone brings it to you!  I did a quick sketch of this restaurant using my new Guerrilla Painter sketch box. Although I don’t feel this was a successful painting it is valuable for me to reflect on where my shortcomings were and I think they are namely poor value choices.  Oh well!  At least the beer was cold and my company memorable!

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